Story: Bye for now


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Bye for now!

"It was not hard untill you meet me!" Jhanzaib told looking at her. Gulnaz did not realize the saddest form of Jhanzaib before they had this meeting. They both were collapsed as if with silence. Faces fell unhappy and the sharing of words, soundless, just remained.
"Did I stopped your vision?" Gulnaz asked.
He was breaking slowly into the deepest part of himself, looking at the clay he held in his tiny hands and moved his lips in response, "Not, for sure not!" He paused for 5 minutes and added "The heart is graving me back time and again to you and my soul to the place where hope of the life willing dies!"
"Did you just mean, you have a far better emotion with a dream, don't know whether accomplishes or no, than me?" She asked while tear were falling from the essence of beauty.
"To the eternal life, if is given, for the dream I should sacrifice my every sort of happiness!" Jhanzaib told while looking at beautiful mountains whose lament like melancholy he heard! He added, "You are my love of the world, and it is the world that been loving to love to you! Bye for now! If life remains will meet!" And then he departed in the dust forever!
Gulnaz cried and sooner the sound reached, "let's be not this your gift, you are my love forever, but it is the love letting me love you! And for it I shall die as many times as I can!" She stood and moved further!