Story: An Unforgettable lesson!


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An unforgettable lesson!

It was a detestable day for me when my all papers of class 6th had passed badly. Although, after some days the results were announced and I attained very poor marks. Unfortunately, I got the papers for showing them to my parents. I wondered if my parents will see them, then beating of mine was fixed with the warm hands of my father's.

There was an especial lie for not showing my papers to my parents. I kept the papers in my bag's secret pocket, which were full of red cross marks. And kept moving towards my home when I reached and knocked the door. I knew that my father was in office, and my mom was a housewife.

I entered and greeted my mom, and went to my room for hiding my papers. I made my excuses practiced well on that day my father couldn't judge me. But after a small moment, house-door was knocked by someone, I became nervous, and went there to open the door with a fresh mod though my father should not be doubtful on me.

Oh my Gosh, there was my father with much anger. When he set on a sofa then asked me," My son, were your results announced"? His this question made me uncomfortable, but I didn't tell the truth. " No daddy they didn't announce them so far", I replied.

As I thought this was enough for finishing my dad's questions, but I was wrong, he again asked. " Is there any reason for not announcing them"?

I shivered after listening to his question, because my mind was not ready for accepting another lie, after a while he repeated his question again and my mind made a lie during that rest of not giving answer, and I said it," Dad they said, if you will pay your fee, then results of yours will be announced". After this big lie he kept silent and I went in my room.

Next day early morning I woke up with seeing my father, who was standing near my bed, I felt unhappy when saw him, a thought raised in my mind that he has seen my papers, and came here for beating me, my eyes were concentrated on my dad's hands, and waiting for big slips on my face, but I was incorrect

Although, he took some money out and gave them to me by saying this statement, "I need your papers today". I replied with fast beating of my heart," Okay dad".

He went with giving a warning. I went school and wasted my all periods with thinking about my father's warm hands and imagined the pain of them on my face. After school, my feet were not letting me for going at home. But I was compelled to move towards my home. This time, when I knocked the door beside mom, dad opened it.

"Please enter my son", he welcomed me happily.I entered silently and nervously. He offered me to set near him, I got that why he offered me this, because before going school I hide my papers in my cupboard, I thought he has taken them from there, I set near him, and again he asked for my papers," Dear, where are your papers"? My eyes were being black, the things were going to be invisible. And I wanted to told another lie, but before saying any thing my mom came near me and dad took out my papers from his backside, and I was caught by them.

"Why did you tell lies my son"? Dad asked me emotionally." Dad I was worried that you will beat me", I replied and tears rolled on my cheek.

My mom was rubbing my head and said, " No dear, no one will beat you because of your poor marks, it is good to say the reality beside saying lies". My dad added some words after my mom's. " Dear my son, lies are the reasons of someone's failure, it compels everyone for moving backward, if you wanna go forward, then don't let your lies to stop you".

After these statements of my parents, I got that our failure is not the reason of our dullness. It happens because of much unnecessary lies which never let anyone for moving forward.