Song Review: Arz e kna'an (The plea)


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Arz e Kna'an (The plea)

POV: Many of you have been getting amazing threads here! Wanted to make enjoy some new reads, so Reviewed a song from my own language. Hope this be amazing to read for you all :)


The song has received a good watching of 944k within 4 years. It means much for a language limited within just a land of approximately 9B people! Most of them are without internet, without electricity, yet the video's or song's popularity is amazing 🤩

Arz e Kana'n is a Baloch song sang by Naeem Dilpull Baloch, it was released before two months and did blasting in social medias. This is the only song of Naeem Dilpull and he is glad to have a great achievement on his first song. He was having the interest of singing since in his childhood and it was a dream for him that he should sang songs. He is basically from in a place of Balochistan and recently passed the written test of CSS.

The song started with a nice scene when Naeem Dilpull is setting back of a Vigo car and the background music is running slowly. There three people in the shape of real Baloch, I mean wearing real Balochi men suits and having some items which are used for creating attractiveness in Balochi songs. It was a good scene, because a singer was before there and the musicians came for making the scenes more beautiful.

Additionally, he starts the song with a soft sound that gives pleasure to the listeners which compels them to listen this best song. Even this convinced a Punjabi girl for singing it in Baloch culture day. This song is made with the help of some Baloch and a Baloch is performing in this song as a dancer, he has put his efforts in the song and make it successful, while he was not fine duration of the song. Naeem said that he was feeling sick.

Furthermore, the name of the dancer is Ahmed Baloch and unbelievable dance also convince the viewers to stay with this song till it ends. How he dance and how follows the lines of the song is completely awesome. This is the only Balochi song that I loved. Even though, this song after being shared in social medias, Naeem Dilpull was interviewed by a member of American Facebook office and there he told about this song. The song is based on childhood, love and other similar aspects.

The song provides a great moment for the lovers to remember about there love. Naeem Dilpull is very talented, because everyone can judge his talents within this song. The places of this song are also selected according to its perfect lines.

Finally, this song was concept and produced by Naeem Dilpull, directed by Arif Badal, musician is Zohaib Zahid, mixed by Khaaksar studio, cinematographer is Ahsan Shah, edited by Adeel Wali Raees. These all are Baloch and there efforts have made a successful Balochi song to become famous and to fame the Baloch singers and dancers for the sake of making world aware about the talents which Baloch have. The whole Baloch singers and dancers even the overall country's singers and dancers should take tips from this song's team.
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