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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

"Heart of Darkness"
known to be a colonial-literary novella by Joseph Conrad based on projection in African continent. A toughly designed story that revolves around on invasion, capturing and company establishment on the heart of Africa. One can find it always degrading the natives and favoring their step of colonial tactics as supreme. Overall the book shows how colonizers move to a richly-blessed state or region and favor their perceptions through deriving the natives more backward! From the start till the return of colonizers, sentences are crafted precisely with tough vocabularies that are a little hard-tasking to be understood. However, ending pages of the book are a conversation of Kurtz's (main colonizer) disapproved fiancée and Marlow (another settler whose travel was shown as just to be his childhood wills which every, if not every, but for most child a dream to settle in another's land). One can judge these pages are meaningful for the author as he mentioned them all in simple and easy-understanding way so that readers ought to feel pity on the death of the colonizer (Kurtz). To contradict both, the pages concerned with colonialism and the pages showing Kurtz's lovers state of being after listening his death, one can concludes it that the title (Heart of Darkness) is mainly decorated just for the last pages, describing the sorrowful moments of his beloved on his death. And what happens in main section is knowingly crafted in a way to show it in favor of white settlers in the land of Africans who were considered uncivilized and savaged.

I just mentioned a small critique on this books starting and ending as per "Reader Response Theory" and it does never mean my points be accurate for you too!