Short Story: The Eyes That Loved!


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The eyes that loved!

Calm, the sky filled with a little dark and white clouds and a suitable moment for wanderings. Everyone chooses a way towards enjoyment, but I, with all chores in my shoulder as always, rushed to the Bazar! On way to taking some books for a stall, a book stall for the readers of the city, I stuck in heavy raindrops! The moment of enjoyment and the environment of muttering changed to a stop, not for all vehicles available within the city, but for the cycles! Standing under a roof of an under-constructing shop, my eyes caught the eyes of opposite gender! The eyes, as calm as the water undisturbed and as innocent and beautiful as that of the flowers moving here and there after the push of airflows! Eyes do fall and stuck on people, because mind proceeds whether the person is known or not! I thought the same until the eyes disconnected after a compulsion in-between! She was in her father's car and I standing to save myself from the rain! In one moment, I started imagining! She asked her father to stop and started walking towards me, by the very second moment, she asked my name after introducing herself and telling of all the eyes' story behind looking so deep! But the dream, I was fallen in broke when a car said "Pep Pep". Vehicles were moving so as hers, everything else was onward towards their destiny except the eyes that met each other! For some moment my eyes spoke "The eyes that looked at your eyes in a manner, the same eyes would never look in other eyes the same way as they looked at yours!" The connection was getting lost, my eyes were narrating, "Can you stop, for a while, more// we still have not meet, and getting departed!" And found the answer is if that her eyes were speaking of "The wait that has ended will never come back// The eyes that had found you would meet you back!" And the eyes got disconnected! The eyes that loved one another might not meet again, the moment of some seconds would not come back for sure, but the memories are always staying with the colours those eyes were filled with after looking at mine!

Some stories, before they begin, end unexpectedly, and I considered this a story in the category and it is said, "It is better for some stories to remain incomplete" because sometimes, the incomplete stories have the best taste within :)

P.S : This is a real story based on myself, but it does not always means that attraction is the love one feels for the other. The eyes she was looking for might be mine, or someone else she found in me, however, for my strong connectivity to hers was just as if I knew her.

Hopefully, the small story was good enough for you all as readers :)