Short Story: Stars


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"Look at the sky, they are small small stars, how much happy they seem to be when together!" He told while pausing to smoke. I, sitting near him, was just confused 🤔 that from where, in the daylight, did he bring so many stars together! I asked, "What colours do those have?" He nodded his head while passing bright smiles towards the sky. "Each star is white, and has the colour of redness with them." He stopped for 10 seconds and again narrated, "They are drawn off for a war for freeing their land. It seems they love their land too much and are trying to defeat the asteroids which are freely wandering." The words of him brought a deep thinking and some tear on my eyes. He was as if reading all the story happening around in the space! I silently set and listened everything that he told.

It was tough while, when I got my eyes fluctuated and saw, my friend was not sitting neither near, nor in the working place. I, while thinking of him, sent my eyesight to the sky, and I found a star, too much shiny and was half covered with red colour! A thousands of stars fall in love of their land each day, each moment till they run off after achieving the victory 🙌