Short Story: LIFE


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"What happened to you stupid? Why do you wander with bad boys and defame us in the society?" His father slapped him under his ear while speaking!

He with crying eyes entered into a corner of the house and hid himself! A week passed, 2 weeks went and then 3 weeks, he did not come out of his room.

Suddenly, one-day, his father realized the house was captured by loneliness, the taste of the house seem to flew away and the sorrows surrounded every corner of the house!

"Meeras Meeras" he looked at Meeras' mother and asked, "Where is Meeras?"

"My son, God bless him, is in his room. He holds his pen and time and again write something and then throws the pages, God must know what does he write on the pages! It is since 3 weeks that he did not eat food like usual and his words have fallen lesser than before! God shall make my lovely son fine and alive."
Meeras' mother spoke while putting her hands up for prayers!

Meeras' father stood and started looking at each page one by one! After reading several pages he went back on his armchair and set worryingly!

The pages held, within 2 sentences, a long story! There was written,

"Life has lost its taste, let me search for another life somewhere else."