Short Story: In search of god!


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In search of God

(Note: it is a fictional work, I don't intend to hurt anyone by this piece of narration )

That has been decades now, Hammal looks tired of getting himself in a place located too much far from the population. He lives there for a greater time than his life with his family to just get a meetup. Meetup to omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence becomes a dream unfulfilled for what he leaves his own pleasures and his time. Hammal plans to leave for his home since he fails to find God everywhere! His travels take him in a village of an united people, but restless because of their shouting, all together. They had colourful cloths and some hard leaves dirtied with black and red colours. He wonders what is happening here and why? Hammal finds there a sitting child, and calls her,
"Excuse me, Banuk"!

The girl child sweeps her tears and replies,
"Yes, Nako."

And looks in awaiting to the next statement of Hammal.

"Why are all shouting withholding these cloths and hard leaves which are coloured?" Hammal inquires.

"My brother has been gone missing from last few days, and we are having a peaceful get-together for his recovery!" Girl child replies.

Hammal looks doubtful. He raises another question,

"How mean missing? Did you ask the powers about him?"

"Everyone knows, who has taken him and where!" She replies.

He raises his final query, "Can we find anyone with such activities!"

"Being underhand, we have this only option to resist and let everything on God to do right!" She replies and takes her way to the gathering.

People sitting their got joining of Hammal in their gathering who for them is a stranger. They remain in shock of seeing the hard leaf Hammal was holding because of the words written which were,

"It is since decades I'm in search of Him, we want Justice for Him.

#ReleaseGod "