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Good Day everyone!

I'll need 12 users to participate in rollhunt contest which will be held tomorrow (30.06.2020) at 20:00 GMT+0 in ANY (Rage) Channel Room.

So this topic is register to contest.​

  • Teams will be assigned right before we start by random selection.​
  • Each user will have assigned number. User gets eliminated, if somebody rolls his number.​
  • User can recover after elimination, if he can roll his number (only bets after elimination is counted).​
  • Team which users was eliminated lost​
  • Contest will be held from 3 parts 6 vs 6, 3 vs 3, and 1 vs 1 vs 1.
  • Bets can be made with any currency and on any X.

If you want to participate in this challenge please type your nickname and number 1-12. (Number must be unique)
1 post per user.

Prizepool 0.325 LTC to be shared between participants:
1st place: 0.15 ltc
2nd place: 0.08 ltc
3rd place: 0.04 ltc

4-12th places: 0.005 each

1. Rais23
2. Zfwrufu182
3. Hilquias816
4. pratikbaba
5 raybrfg181
6. pedrojmelo
8. Ksapyar197
9. goldgolden
10. 686050
11. TerryBogard
12. Kittkatt

Contest was fun, and took around 1 hr 20 mins.


1st place : @TerryBogard - 0.15 LTC and 1250 Wincoins

2nd place: @Ksapyar197 - 0.08 LTC and 1250 Wincoins
3rd place: @MULYAZH - 0.04 LTC and 1250 Wincoins

4-6th places: @pedrojmelo , @Raybrfg181 , @goldgolden - 0.005 LTC and 750 Wincoins
7-12th places: @Kittkatt , @Rais23 , @pratikbaba , @Synyster , @antonyzen2525 , @KayGee562 - 0.005 LTC

users: @Zfwrufu182 @Hilquias816 and @686050 didn't came even registered.
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This was fun and didnt take near as long as i thought it would be.
I would love it if we could do a bounty version of this tourney. Awesome idea guys great work!!!!!!
It was a very good event, as it was the first, some players did not know the rules well, others did not know what to do but in general it was very cool and fun, it brought together people from various chat rooms and it was great. A suggestion for the next event, for example if there are 12 people, the organizer could put the number of people in the chat itself and not in a photo, it is easier to see the numbers directly in the chat and take the opportunity to give a rule suggestion, ask for people who are not playing are not talking in the chat because it disturbs me looking for the right rolls and seeing if he is still alive.
I would also like to see this tourney done as a "knockout" tourney. Meaning there is a buy-in for the tourney and part of the buy-in goes towards the bounty for that person. Knock them out and you are awarded the bounty. if they re-enter the tourney then there is another buy-in to make another bounty for their head.

But over all the rules were not to complicated to grasp and the numbers weren't too compicated to keep up with.