Respect as a sign of gratitude


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Hi guys, how are you all?

Today, let me talk about respect and gratitude.

What first is GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is a strong sign of being grateful and thankful and readiness to show how much we appreciate even the smallest things we get or receive and return them in kindness even by simply saying THANK YOU. Not complaining just because you get little while others get more.

And what is RESPECT
Respect on the other hand is showing how you admire one's effort and accepting others no matter how different they are from you or how you disagree with what they say or do. Respect is what we feel and express through words and actions. And this should be given not just to people older or higher than us but even to young children and to all living things too.

Why do we need Respect and Gratitude?
According to what I've seen in one of the answers shown in Google, it says "It can help them feel capable, motivated and valued. It can also boost the person's confidence and help them develop a meaningful bond with others. Expressing respect and appreciation is important to maintaining positive relationships. If we feel appreciated we're more likely to give positive feedback in return.

Why am I posting this?
I'm not doing this to create hate but lately whenever I try to visit Windice I can see some people complaining to the mods just because they are not satisfied or happy with the type of games our mods do and disagrees to what our mods decisions. Instead of us complaining why don't we just say thank you to them. Why dont we pause and appreciate all the efforts they do for us everyday, watching the chat making the room clean from all unwanted messages, and doing fun games to entertain everyone of us. If they correct and mute us why don't we just say sorry and never do the same mistakes again instead of complaining because we got muted. Let's not think they just hate us and have personal grudge against us. They are just doing their job and educating people from their mistakes and muting them is a part of it so let's not take it personally.
Just like us, they are human too. They get tired, exhausted, drained and hurt. They are not robots. They can also feel so everytime we say bad things against them or complain to them they get hurt, sad and upset. No matter how much we disagree to what they say or do at times let's give them the benefit of the doubt and let's just not argue with them to the point of attacking them personally. If there's a need to correct, correct it in a friendly manner but never argue too much and never say hurtful things that can demotivate them and loose their confidence as a moderator. Because honestly, we don't really know how much they've been through and how much they're going through in real life. They will say they are fine and all but we never really know how they are so let's be respectful, thankful and grateful instead.

That's all thank you. Peace out Windice

Much love and respect to everyone here ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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