Reasons why people fail to succeed


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We all know that to become successful is one of our dreams. In fact a lot of people wants to have a very wealthy life. But, some or a lot of us fail to follow the steps of becoming successful. And some, just want to do violations which leads them to failure.

Here are some of the common mistakes we usually do that keeps us from failing:

* Fooled by Scam sites.
- We keep joining online and offline jobs/businesses specially those with investments without doing research first. We easily get attracted by these offers that at times, obviously are too good to be true. We easily get fooled by their promises and so we end up being scammed because we easily join without doing full reviews about these sites.

* Lack of positive attitude towards our goal.
- Some of us have no sense of direction, sense of urgency, no focus, no patience, short tempered, and lacks the will of finishing what we started. When we already feel pressured, we then give up. We do not wanna continue battling for success. Instead, we limit our skills and abilities. We always think we cannot do it. We do not think of ways to achieve what we do. Because our fear is what eats us.

* We do not take actions.
- Some of us are only good in planning things but we lack the urge to make them happen. We are good in making promises but fails to finally do them.

* Lacks class.
Some of us have low etiquette and have no social IQ. We easily judge others and do not look ourselves in the mirror first. Some do not even know how to give respect to people around. When someone make mistakes, we easily insult, and gets high tempered in front of them. We also do not take or accept advices and opinion of others. Some of us do not know how to appreciate others' hard work, and efforts because for us, their efforts are useless and we can do even better and we feel superior and more knowledgeable than them. And worst, we do not know how to accept our mistakes and do not know how to say sorry. We always have this line, "This is me and this is what I do. Take it or leave it." Some of us are also apathetic.


* Violations
some of us do not take time reading some site policies and do not remember the do's and dont's. And worst, keeps doing violations again and again. Because we wanna have this instant success, we tend to do things that are against the company's policies. We keep breaking rules even if it means, risking not just our accounts and profits but our credibility as well. One of these common violations people usually do is, creating multiple accounts, using one ip address on multiple devices, using proxies and vpn, even if the site or businesses do not allow their members to do these actions.

For us to be truly successful, avoid these mistakes and let us start doing the right things. These mistakes I inputted here are just some of those mistakes we do most of the time. To know more about other reasons why some of us keep failing, try reading this article titled, 10 Reasons Why Some People Will Never Succeed by Kayiba Mpoyi. click this link,

Goodluck in reaching your goals in life guys. 😊
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