Rain has its own beauty 😍


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Rain has its own beauty 😍

Rain is something that is enjoyed by everyone. Whether that is a child, adult, or an old person. Rain not only makes one internally happy, but relaxes the eyes, makes the ears feel a natural song and releases a natural perfume when rainfalls touch the earth :) as this picture asks who else loves this smell :)

Do you love that too? Hahaha 😂 I do but :)

You might be confused why am I jotting this down? There is no any crypto rain in forum that I spam for the rain hahaha 🤣🤣 kidding 😂 ..

I am writing this, surely, have experienced something worth :) it started raining in our city while I was coming in home from the university! The rain made me stopped in a shop for almost 20-30 minutes haha! So it was totally enjoyable and brought me the idea to write this to you!

Really, while it was raining and I was stuck in a shop, once my mind turned to JK Rowling whose delay of train brought the idea of writing the most popular fiction "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's stone". At this moment, I felt that I can be a readable writer like Rowling hahahaha 😂🤣! And a fact, Rowling became 13th wealthiest women even crossing the contemporary queen's wealth hahahaha!!! Now think what if I do it and it goes the same as it went for JK Rowling :)

That is what the rain has within! It brings a treasure 🪙 of thoughts to a mind 😊. This feeling is really awesome, one side the rain and the other side so many wishes, a perfect combo to enjoy :)