Radio station in Windice!


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Radio Station in Windice

We are gambling so tight that sometimes we fave trouble, depression, and break inside! It is said, music has the power to heal wounds that cannot be bandaged, because not every wound is physical. Some of them are actually spirituals. Windice has been one of them out famous online casinos. Not only it has earned a name for earnings or gambling, but other several activities that help users achieve more than what they want. From forum challenges to rollhunt, top posters' to creativity, and the radio facility!

My this thread is simply based on Radio, its importance and the use. I feel many of the new people coming here are unknown to the use of it. So let them show a way towards something good.

Music, is literally a term of overall relaxation. It makes the ears feel relaxed, mind understands what to do, and spiritually inhale everything that holds beautiful. Windice has arranged it to provide relaxes in two different ways! One users can order and listen their own interests, though get introduced with different beautiful songs as well. The second, they get a bonus to start a new game for themselves. I believe, both are so wonderful for the users, because I'm benefited by both :)

How can you play your song on it?

Every mod has some specific responsibilities, some are with double tasks as well. Mod Kryakrya, is the runner of the radio system, who, on regular basis, comes and start making people feel well and get bônuses. THE SCHEDULE OF THE BROADCAST. FROM 19 HOURS TO 23 HOURS MOSCOW TIME . The bonus one gets in 100 wincoins, anyone confirming the song will get a 20 wincoins extra :)

These 3 simple steps you can do to possibly play your own song and get the bonus! Mentioned downward 👇


Now people get confused how can they listen their orders! Let me repeat practical and concise steps to reach to the radio!

Step 1 :) you will get the link being shared in English chat! So what you need to do! Click the link, as shown! The link is attached in it!


Step 2 :) When you are done with step one, you will get into a new page in forum. As shown downward!


You will get the robot sitting on the (WINDICE) and it moves as if lost in a song. Do just a click on the robot then you will be going into the next phase as shown in step 3!

Step 3:) Here in this step, your last task remains. You just need to click the play button as shown in the picture downward 👇!


The play button is to start the radio and keep listening the songs which are ordered by the users.

How you get the bonus?

Getting bonus is easy. Whenever you get your song played in the radio, as the moderator announces the name of the users whose song would be on the track next! Then open the English Chatroom, tag the mod and just write (Confirmed). He will send the bonus of 100 wincoins to you!

That was all this thread, hope this be productive for new comers go understand the method of radio :)