Poetry that is engraved in the story of Windice!

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A poetry is nothing more than feelings, emotions, reflections that the majority of the human being uses to vent, in a word. This can be with regard to love, beauty, life, death among others.
For example: I will make you a poem regarding the love I have for Windice, as the title of this text says; Poetry that is engraved in the story of Windice.

It all started on April 13, 2019, when my being came to pose on this page of Windice.io my reference spoke very well of this page, which I will not name out of respect, because I do not know if I want to be here in these small lines, But that person knows who he is and although I have a lot that I don't know anything about him, I remember him fondly.

Well, the poetry dedicated to Windice goes like this:

You are an imposing casino that impressed me when I entered that April 13, 2019, I was fascinated and it is everything that came to mind, I thought that there could not be an environment as harmonious as this, but over the years my imagination went off on a tangent, I never imagined that this casino would deliberately evolve and become stronger every day. With each update he has managed to get more people in; And that gives me joy and makes me want to continue being part of this wonderful casino every day.