Poem: O the Honey-Voiced Nightingale


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O The Honey-Voiced Nightingale

O the Honey-Voiced Nightingale,
Go away from the numb garden of my memories,
From the thatch and bush-like life of lost crown,
Sing not the love song of smiles of town,
For the roses of smiles have dead with wingless fairies,
Come closer and eat my giant heart of memories,
Drag your needle-type voice on the veins of heart,
Drink like an enormous camel my red and cold blood,
For the tears have grown into unclean dirt,
For the sorrows turned into giant-type flood;

Lost I am like a ring in a sand,
Tree of love for me have been banned,
Swallowed the grave, silenced my life,
You, the king, comforted the windowed wife,
Moon shines, neither sun rays come,
Waves break, neither sparrows sing for me,
Lost I am, the treasure of beggar,
Burst I am, like child's pink balloon.

O the Honey-Voiced Nightingale,
Sing not, but kill me all at once!