Poem: Departure 💔


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Departure 💔

Mighty created in silence a universe,
Everything runs accordingly, managed,
Hidden lights in an hidden darkness,
End-up like departure of a soul,
Remains is all in rest a body,

Uncontrolled reality to the humans,
Lives like a mystery within,

Never finishing journey in this world,
Irritates many, although, time to time,
Shall you be a part in it?
All is unwanted vagueness of departure,

Let no-one more enjoy,
Overnights in the calmness here,
Vanish it now, for all right now,
Eternal world shall be theirs,
Someday, too, exists for that,

Apologizes never rebuild though,
Departure might be rare in truth,
Never wish that again, at least never,
Again, the peace maintainer,
Nourish the life of living, for once.

Note: The Poet always dies when his piece is read by readers. Your conception of the thoughts in it be not those of the poets... So as I, the Poet of this poetry, is missing for your eyes!!! Enjoy reading it and feel the words :)