Poem(Beautifully denied)


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Grasping air whilst gasping with glare and intent feeling as though you have been sent
To Put in motion with days of time reflecting on nothing but the time which has passed in order to understand today that yesterday was it here if so where has it gone why have I got the message wrong spot in the lamb I am but what I am never knowing of what I should be chris crosses l play the fool can’t use the dead for tools and difficulty of hard to work in everything in the little given even worse with little dividends so digress in a greater state of mind to be as it is meant to be outside the caos and the stress nothing of what I have learned up to now has warped and turned my mind towards the servitude I so eagerly wish to give the duties of which have been made by Devine this system all know most stay beautifully denied
I want to throw you a subject/topic to put in a poem are you up for it and you can throw one back at me whoop whoop

Ok so I want you to write a poem to where you are speaking of the goal you are after yet afraid to achieve but now put that concept with the goal being a female you are devoted to and how side goals and unimportant goals always tests your boundaries on one more detail build up in your approach with the fire and emotions strong in the beginning but scared of losing in the end you will have fun with this one. ( you don’t have to if you ain’t down completely understand just teaching my self deeper concept thinking beyond my limits and trying to see what is Possible)