Picnic with classmates :)


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Picnic with classmates :)


Hello to all those read my threads continuously or are reading this piece of writing about the picnic I had with my classmates on this Saturday (13/05/2023). We, of 23 classmates, planned and smoothly gathered as per our plannings to make our picnic happen! The point for the picnic was "NALI" a mountainous range; loved by everyone who visits it. Because one way the beautiful mountains, as if designed, and, on the other hand, its natural flowers and the flow of water from upper side to the downer!


It was fun to wake up earlier, as being the chief organizer of the picnic and a responsible member for everything. I woke up early morning at 8 o'clock hahaha not early I know but early when slept at 2 o'clock at night hahah!


I with my friend went to a location where we called all members to meet first, then leave collectively to our final picnic points! Hahaha we had lots of fun, fun while chatting at night for picnic and fun while calling other fellows whether are they awaken or yet sleeping as some of them were on their beds hahaha!


NALI, our picnic point, is approximately 40-45 minutes away from our city, "Turbat". It falls in the province of Balochistan, divided into three parts, one in Pakistan, one in Iran and the last in Afghanistan! Our Nali, falls in Balochistan, the most mountainous place and a minerally rich province alongside the world.


The place holds everything, our natural mountains, as if artifacts, flowers, though a same type but beautified the points as seen in the pictures attached with this post! And the most, natural swimming pool that we Baloch are in habit of. :)


We made, Karahi and Biryani for the lunch there in the picnic! It was fun when we all after our first bite popularized our cook with so much praiseworthy statement that he was fo fly! But after a while, everyone just told him, we don't allow you for the next time hahaha! Cause, the karahi was too much Spicy. Everyone needed a glass of water aside while eating hahaha! That is what makes the gathering/picnic too much memorable!


"Everything shuffles, remains the memories around which sometimes haunt and sometimes bring happiness on faces!" ~@Unluckybolte


We had tea twice, once when we reached to the point and second when we were just finished with our lunch and started adventuring the place for those who for very first time saw this amazing location. Because many of our mates are from seasides and have bot felt the really happiness of mountains. We actually purposed the picnic for those of our seaside friends!

Some other pictures :)