"No Luck" is Actually a Wish We Are Making


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No Luck" is actually a wish we are making!

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Hello, the enthusiastic family of Windice and others visiting the forum for the first time :) 😀 How is your super amazing life? This piece is wholly covering some research-based ideas on "Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking" and their effects on the gambling of users in Windice! We often find users complaining, the magic turns the complain to wins if they every win ones! However, there is no much difference between what one's mind thinks and what happens in reality! Actually, the "subconscious mind has the most repressed thoughts that one felt of or experienced" (Sigmund Freud) and they do automatically occur when you put your minds on open activities without stopping them! That is what bring "No luck" in game because the chat is always speaking, can perfectly sentence it "Wishing indirectly to receive no luck in Gambling!" Let's delve into the ideas of "Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking" and then connect these with the gamblers luck!

:) Positive Thinking:

Upon my exploration in internet I found a good quote, "Positive thinking can lead to improved mental health, including lower levels of anxiety and depression, and greater emotional well-being"(Microsoft, AI). It is said whenever the mind stays under-control then one can utilize its potential on the right path! There are many people find discouraged because of just losing a chance, specially, in gambling! What they do, start thinking negatively and indirectly utter a wish "No luck at all". Just look at this statement "No Luck At All" this seems more specifically a wish to never have "Luck". There are so many users time and again narrating this statement and then later they start complaining for their loss! The mind controls your complete body, and outputs the orders through your body parts! Like, whenever you are hungary, your mind depicts the need and orders your feet to move, mouth to speak and hands to pick, just for putting something inside your belly! If in these circumstances, you are only focusing on the "negative side" then from where the wins chase you in windice?

:) Negative Thinking:

"Thinking negative thoughts can make you feel sad, afraid, angry, hopeless, and negative in general" (Dr. Debi Silber, 2021. LinkedIn). Sadness always overwhelm your thinking abilities that is caused by negative thinking and make your mind lazy! Gambling needs "Attention, strategies and present-mindedness" in order to succeed while betting! I have found many users, you may find them too, in chat just totally overwhelmed for their small winning chance that was missed! I know it does hurt to miss the target, but letting that only bygone chance in your mind stops it thinking creatively and effectively! According to MAP consulting, "Making important decisions when emotional can hinder logic and weaken our ability to reached vital goals (winnings in gambling)."

:) Let's think a little Positive:

I guess just thinking for the goodness costs nothing, but brings much! There is always a hope waiting to be achieved! Just think, do your words "No luck", "bad luck" and "No Luck at all 😞" bring you something other than sadness, depression and losses in gambling? No right? Then a suggestion, do put a full-stop to negative mindset and starting thinking positively to attract greenery towards you!

I do always appreciate mod @anonnep and other moderators efforts for creating laughable trivias throughout the day just for bringing happiness on the face of users! This free of cost work is helping users decrease their negative thinking and thinking positively, because their depressed minds get free of sadness when they smile!

I hope that this piece of writing will let your improve yourself and win, win and win more money!

Keep winning, keep flying higher! 💸💵