No casino like Windice!

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In my personal experience, I think Windice really is a great casino, it's a well thought out project and I wish the owner and programmers of the site read this hehe, not because I say it but because it is the truth, it is a fair casino and as this site there are not two, my congratulations and hopefully never change and if they are going to change it is for the better of what is already there, I wish them their business to be prosperous and their finances to continue to grow as does the community here. ☺️

PS: Here I leave you a great move that I made this afternoon and I want you to know that I looked for it elsewhere and none gave me that payment like Windice did.

I agree that Windice is a Great Casino, I can't compare with many others because I haven't had many experiences in others.
Is it still relevant to gamble using cryptos? I like online casinos and have spent hundreds of hours making money there, but I still don’t trust cryptos. I don’t understand how that works till the end, and that’s why I cannot afford to enter this world.
However, now I am ready to risk a bit, and I wonder whether it’s a good time, in general, to start cooperating with cryptos. The market is not in good shape, and even currencies like the US dollar or Euro are shattered.
I know how regular casinos work, and satta king helps me to make good money there, but I don’t yet know a good approach to crypto casinos. What would you suggest starting with?