New users; Pro gamblers 🤔


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New users,; pro gamblers 🤔


Hello 👋 hope you all are doing well. I'm Unluckybolte as you already know. This thread is a little new and seems old too, because it may include the ideas of people within! Everyone is well aware about the recent contest winners, most of the time, one can find new users with minimal level and minimum played bets. This trend is active since last two to three months. Why do they always come on top? Are they old gamblers with new accounts or they are robotically run for gambling? These are questions which no one can answer because the results is clearly visible by their daily steps in the contest.

Windice's team shall take a good step to stop the entry of such account. Because many of the old players are getting disappointed 😔 as they play for the complete days regularly and hardly get themselves in the contest for almost 30-120 doges.

Windice's team shall initiate some rules for contest winnings. Such as, their should be a minimum level for getting one's name in the contest like he/she should be above level 5 or have an expo of more than 3-4 days. The other way, their should be a verification process of emails, it will stop fake users to enter in the daily contest which those of old users better deserve to win!

There may be some other suggestions by any of other users as well!