Movies are fun and what more?

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Movies are fun and what more?

We, as audiences, are hereby to much attached with different film industries and their worth-watchable movies. I wonder, do we as audiences only need to watch movies for fun only? The answer surely arises "Not at all!" Then what audiences can do after watching a movie other than having fun? Look downward for the answer.

Movies are made for a specific purpose, let that not be only action movies, other hold some scenarios which speak to watchers. There are so many film industries, and each refers to the situation, culture, tradition, language, land, issues and their solutions, colonialism and post colonialism, books and their most Important parts or either the main purpose of the author and so on.

However, it depends now upon the viewers, they look which angles of the movie. I, living in a colonial era surely find out aspect related to the situations I'm facing. Another person from British, may love to watch movies based on love stories as capturing the lands as their forefathers have done. In fact, each human within a situation thinks different and searches different things in a movies.

Though, the film contains a part of lovers, but behind their break-up make exists the colonialization. Because the love for the land is stronger than the love for the lady!

Now, audiences can chose to ways to do after watching a movie, either to understand and share the moral of the movie in gatherings, or give an overview as a writing piece to the readers. I love writing, for me the second option fits better. It becomes my responsibility, in a place I'm living, to make people really known of the movies and their importance.

Nevertheless, all of the movies contain importance within them. Viewers are the source to share their importance to bring more awareness regarding those movies. We audience must be in touch with these activities to raise the sound of the movies louder.

There may come outcomes after this piece and a purpose for you to watch movies. So now on, I may initiate a series of movie reviews as well. Series of book reviews has started, and I'm done with reviewing my first book review. The link in touched below! 👇 Thanks for reading :)

Thread 'Book Review:My Daghestan; a book of love for land!'
For me, movies are an art form that can convey important messages and themes that can impact the audience in various ways. I think it's great that you're encouraging others to share the moral of movies in gatherings or through writing pieces. Personally, I also enjoy writing about movies and their significance. I recently discovered a film school in Prague, and it seems like a great opportunity to learn more about the art of filmmaking. Here's the link if you are interested in movie-making:
As someone new to this forum, I'm excited to engage in discussions about movies and their impact on society. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Of course for me movies are art, they are the natural expression of the image - time. Movies combine various artistic elements such as writing, acting, cinematography, music, and editing to create a narrative that engages and entertains audiences. Through the use of imagery and sound, movies can convey emotions, ideas, and messages in a way that can be deeply impactful. Like other forms of art, movies provide a platform for filmmakers to express their creativity and explore new ideas. Through the medium of film, filmmakers can create worlds and characters that allow them to convey their own unique perspectives on the human experience. Beside, movies often reflect the cultural, social, and political issues of their time. As such, they can serve as a reflection of the society that produced them, and can help us to better understand the world around us. Also, Movies require a great deal of technical skill to create. From the design of sets and costumes to the use of special effects and advanced sound design, filmmaking is a highly technical art form that requires a deep understanding of the craft. Overall, movies are considered an art form because they combine creative expression with technical skill to create powerful works of visual storytelling that can inspire and entertain audiences.
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