Movie Review: Dhamaal: the funniest of Bollywood


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Dhamaal: the funniest of Bollywood


(Indian based Bollywood movie and known to be one of the most funniest production in the cinema. Was released in 2007 and yet remains most watched in case of fun)

The starting of this movie compels viewers to not let it be far from their eyes until it doesn't end with gaining the suggestions with lots of laughter, full fun, sorrows, happiness, and many more. The movie tells how people want to cheat one another through giving fake materials which are robbed ones due to not getting jobs or never trying to work. Every good work has a rewards for the people and can make them happy in their remaining lives.

Additionally, when a person is without plans, then he or she would get nothing benefits from the work which they are going to do. As in the movie, four of the main and joking characters were asked for the two months bill, but three were master in planning who could do their works whenever they need to do, but one of them was like mental due to who they were taken out and asked, if they won't bring the money, so they should find another home for living.

In this world, everything happens for a good reason whether the happening action is bad or good. Likely, in the movie, four of them were mistakenly arrested and left between the way of jail, and they got the information of 100 millions rupees they found the money, but lost them because of not showing unity to each others. Their craziness and extra trying for achieving of the money made them fight and try to take all money, but the money and their talents were wasted. Through this we can learn that, we are getting chances time and again, but we are failing how to achieve them, though we have talents and power, but the main thing is togetherness.

However, the movie's script is the reason why it is successful in regard of making each people laugh with each words of the main characters. It is good to watch movie anytime, because the advantages and beneficial things one can get from such interesting movies. Likely, I got an important thing through this movie that never try to make someone else in troubles, because this can affect back to you in your future.

Fighting is known as the destruction of two or more than two people, societies and countries, because it happens due to misunderstanding and this is the only thing to make distances in beloved. Fighting is the only reason that why millions of people were killed in the fight of many countries, world war happens how it is shown when one person start doing fight and other interfere for making it the biggest flight.

Finally, there is nothing more important than to have great friendships in life, the friends are the destroyer of people and the friends are the way to make you success in life. This movie is all about the troubles which occur everyday and everywhere when you would be doing something, but in the work the main thing that helps you is happiness, be happy and see the works how greatly becom
e done by you.