Motivation: Yes, You Can!


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Yes, You Can!

"Winners are not different, rather they do the things differently". Lots of people who failed and blamed their fates which are not in existence actually. The old concepts have brought fate in existence which never let you do anything successfully. It is for sure that if we would do good and respective works, then we would get best fate to achieve our goals and to reach in our destinations perfectly. Sandeep Maheshawari said nicely," if you ask a loser for his failure, then he will make thousand of excuses about his failure and if you ask a winner about his success then he would have no answers".

On the other hand, a great personality said," winners are not those who never fail, winners are those who never quit". I have experienced many people who were not interested to do something and made a single excuse "I can't". This is an old excuse which does not run in today's world, if you time and again repeat it, then you would face problems everyday, every time and everywhere. According to a movie," if you want to do something interestingly, so for the accomplishment of that the overall universe would try to achieve that for you". Mostly, we get demotivated by our friends and family members for doing something from our childhoods and those discouragements always make us compel to say "I can't".

Additionally, my own brother who was not allowed to do his own works from his childhood or not to iron his clothes by my mom, now he always repeats these two words whenever he would be said for doing a work," I can't ". He was brainwashed by my mom because of saying this statement," he can't do this and that because he does not know". Became in habit of saying "I don't know, I can't". You have the power to do each and everything if you really want it to be done by you.

More importantly, Thomas Addison: the symbol of failure who failed 99 times to make the bulb. If he succeeded and made our world bright because of having no friends who could repeat this statement " You can't do it". Even though, the world best pistol shooter Carly whose hand was damaged because of a gun hat bomb blast and lost his right hand during his training in army force. After this unforgettable tragedy, he was having two choices, "First not to go out and cry all the day, second to make his left hand the best pistol shooter". He started training and didn't inform anyone about this, at last he got the gold middle of Olympics in pistol shooting because of not repeating the worst two words like others "I can't".

Thus, your self motivations will create a way and make you compel to say," I can". And your choice of the difficult works will create a belief in you that you can and you have to achieve the most difficult achievement of the world to say the world "
Yes, I can".