Mobile Application for Windice :)


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Mobile Application for Windice :)

Hello, I hope you all are doing well and having lots of fun with your gambling and friends. This thread is in the section of initiatives, as I felt a need of mobile application for better experiences.

What if windice runs on mobile application too? Won't it be effective? We can see so many amazing applications, installed and being used very well, and I'm pretty sure, if windice opens an application for users so the user can take more interest in using it. Do you know, my friend was here to get some tips from me, I started Searching his phone chrome for windice, but neither I found it easily nor could open windice like we do on our phone. He needed to type the name of Windice for opening it, whole we just open the chrome for the purpose.

We don't open site for Facebook and other social media, but get attracted in opening their applications. Because, it us fun to open something when have nothing to do, and mobile application of Windice can make users more attracted to opening windice rather than any other social handle when they are free of time.

On the other hand, windice may get something from the mobile application, one way, the fame and the other way earnings he he 😁😀😁😁.... We can see YouTubers advertising earning applications more than sites, because they know new people can easily download application than exploring sites.

Hope this initiative be effective for the greater number of users :)