Minute Marvels and Unveiling Priceless Moments and Astonishing Abilities.


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Hi there to all of you! I hope your December is filled with love and happiness.
Now here we go towards reading something awesome!

The word "book" is more than just a word; it is an acronym for "big ocean of knowledge," which is used to describe the breadth and depth of knowledge found in a variety of academic fields covering a broad range of subjects and specializations. It draws attention to the vastness of human understanding as well as the ongoing investigation and enlargement of knowledge in many fields.

Before going ahead i would present a quotation, when "Knowledge speaks wisdom listens" by Jim Hendrix.

Probably yes! Speaking is the domain of knowledge, while listening is the privilege of wisdom.
Alright, let's open the book and dive right in.

what takes place within a minute?

While it is widely acknowledged that one minute is equivalent to sixty seconds, and that we place less importance on the latter, consider the number of events that occur worldwide in only 60 seconds.

About 110 people pass away and 278 infants are born in a minute.

There are 6.3 millions searches enquired on Google.

There are 2.43 millions snaps sent in Snapchat.

Around 66,000. Photos are uploaded on Instagram.

Across the world wide web, Around 231 millions emails are sent.

Around 4,00,000 hours of streaming is done on Netflix.

An approximately 180,000 Animals are slaughtered to be consumed as food.

Every minute of every day, week, month, and year is quite expensive.

Ask them about their millisecond worth, as they have won an Olympic silver medal ?

Ask them how much a second is worth, as they are incredibly protected from accidents ?

Ask them how much a minute is worth if they missed their bus, train, or other kind of transportation ?

Ask those who haven't had any food how much a day is worth ?

Find out how much a week is worth to those who are hospitalize ?

Ask How much a month is worth to them when they aren't paid?

Find out how much a year is worth to those who failed their exam ?

I hope reading this chapter didn't feel like a waste of your valuable time.
Time is valuable, hence it must be

The chapters should hopefully spark further interest.

Three Astonishing Facts!

Can you increase or decrease the size of your eye's pupil the way you wish?
If not, according to 2021 news
A German student can resize his eye pupil the way he wants.
According to the scientist, he is the only one who can do that.

The link is given in brackets for unbelievable facts.👇

Do you aware that a lot of individuals consume apple seeds? when consuming it?

However, you shouldn't do that since it includes the hazardous chemical cyanide. It can cause death if consumed frequently.


The grass-cutting machines at Google's headquarter were too loud and contributed to noise pollution. Google employed 200 goats for a week for this reason. to consume the grass.

Tell me; Which of the facts is most intriguing?

Let's start a new chapter now that I believe you understand that your time is not being wasted.

The two most expensive mistakes!

There are two big mistakes that you should be aware of and steer clear of!

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded the Apple Company together. Maybe you feel sorry for Ronald Wayne for the blunders he made.
In 1967, Ronald Wayne sold his Apple company's 10% ownership for just $800. If only he could wait for 2023. Now the share's price is $500 billion.


In 2000, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings going to partnership with blockbuster company and he wanted to sell the Netflix to blockbuster company just fir $50 millions but blockbuster company wasn't serious with the deal so he cancelled it.
After some years that blockbuster company had been bankrupt.
Now the current value of Netflix is more then $192 billions.

Before we conclude, tell me whether you have ever made a mistake in your life ?
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