Memorable First Bet in Windice

Do you remember if your very first bet was Green/Red?

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This is incredible of what I saw, and it was a very first bet on the Windice site, which was fortunate for user Aeciste. We all as well aspire to get such green bets, but a brand new user who opened an account and probably utilized his faucet to get that 26 wincoins. Might have gone all in Dice/Crash with around 380x payout and resulted as a successful bet which yielded 9899 wincoins.

Though the stats I estimated could be the case, can differ as well and only user Aeciste can tell us. The major thing is that he/she correctly and carefully placed the bet, which was the very first bet here in Windice, resulting in 9899 wincoin as a successful result. That enabled him/her to finish in the top ten of the daily wincoin contest, where he/she received 18 doges. Windice proved to be a lucky site for that user, as his first wager won him the contest. However, it appears that user has not logged into the site since that bet.

Believe that anything may happen and that our fortunes can change, but the sooner the better because it only helps us keep going.

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