Maths is Fun, Let's try it!

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Math is fun, Let's try it!

:):) Hello my lovely fellows and beautiful audiences; belonging to Windice and other platforms! Hopefully, everyone of you is more and more happier than the past seconds! I love to welcome 🤗 you all in my latest thread with warm hugs and the most beautiful smiles 😊😊 "Smile, as much as you can, because it makes a face smile too".

:):) I'm grateful for your time at the very beginning of this thread and having beliefs that you are gonna read this piece out till the end! I guarantee, you will have fun after reading and doing the mathematical task that I am planning to assign! Don't worry, you need not to be expert in maths, but having a good IQ level really helps in this!

:):) Let me speak of this kind turn towards maths! I and other fellows love to speak Windice time and again, because we are exploring the site having fun and winning lots of money, plus love 💕💕 that is appreciated and we will be showing you experiences and important things that Windice already holds! Even, everyone can access if they start putting some needing attentions deep into Windice! I planned including maths to make this thread unique enough, seems unique right? Because it is, I'm perfectly sure, a new topic you came across!

:):) So, let's delve into the task and enjoy it!

:):) The task is simple, you need to have knowledge about no other calculation processes, but of addition! You are given some numbers and equal squares chronologically shaped into a bigger square for placing those numbers!

:):) Here are the numbers you have "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9". And the places for putting these numbers are shown just below 👇 in the picture!


:):) Now, there are 9 numbers overall and you have 9 squares! You need to use a number for one square, a number cannot be used twice, remember that! Your work is to put the numbers in a manner on these squares whose additions with one another shall bring "15". Note that, the "15 shall come around every possible summing process of the squares! See the directions where addition rules can be applied by Tracing the "15s" kept out of the squares!


:):) Now, take a pen, write those nine numbers and draw the squares like I did in the attached picture just below this line! Then start putting the numbers on correct order to make the equals rightly used. Know that there is a "+" between each square and the process of addition is done between three squares.

:):) Please avoid using internet and do it by yourself! I was studying in class 7th and a new teacher assigned us this task! I was the first student among my class fellows correctly place all these numbers on their spots! It is your turn to go for it 😁 my lovely family!

:):) By the time you get to succeed, keep the paper work with yourself, or take a picture of it! And post it privately to me! Hopefully, everyone will do it honestly!
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