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On November 12, 1881, the two teams played their first game when Newton Heath LYR, who would later become Manchester United, travelled to St. Mark's (West Gorton), which would eventually become Manchester City.

Why are Manchester City and Manchester United being reconsidered?

Because both teams are situated in the same city and have competed against one another since 1881.
There have been 188 games between the teams in all competitions, with United winning 77, City winning 58, and 53 games ending in draws.
Today's generation of fans is divided over whether the Manchester is Blue or Red.
Previous three meeting happened between both teams, Manchester City have won three of them since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer fired from Manchester united, Now this is a new challenge for Manchester United and manager Erik ten Hag to finish fourth since Jose Mourinho, and Pep Guardiola (Head coach of Manchester City) as he fears dropping 3 points because Arsenal has already cleared 5 points, Arsenal first with 43 points and Manchester City 38 points.
Manchester United and Manchester City will compete in a derby on November 14, 2023. both teams have talented players. Marcos Rashford a striker for the United is unstoppable, while Erling Haaland, a player for the other team, broke the record for the fastest 21st goal scorer with 15 appearances, surpassing Alan Shearer, who had 20 goals with 21.

Writing on anything is the art of expressing oneself, and writers do tell stories that speak to their hearts and souls. As a die-hard Manchester City fan, I went out of my way to read articles and search for news about the club to broaden my knowledge. All of this I am sharing with you because there are many people here who are passionate about football, particularly Manchester City!


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