Long Distance Mind Reading Magic ✨ 🪄


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Hi family! Today I'm trying to develop something through which your mind can easily be read by me! It seems more likely a combination of mathematical formulas! There are few steps that bridge your mind to my mind, help me doing it by following the paths I choose.

Before this, be careful for your choice! And I would keep my number as per the number you choose!

If there be a fix number, so we all might come up with similar answers at the end.

So now, let's start!
Long distance mind reading magic.✨🪄

Following the steps would make this possible, so they are compulsory.

First Step:
Select a quantity of $ from the given ones "1$ to 100$"...

Second Step:
The quantity of $ you have chosen for yourself, do choose the same for your friend and add + them together...

Third Step:
In this step you need to add a value I will tell, but for that, I just want you to ask me in the comment section what number is given or just send a direct message to me, I will mention the number I give with the answer you are gonna come up with at the end of this thread!

Fourth Step:
Now, go for subtraction of 50% of the value you have in your mind and give it to any poor living around...

Fifth Step:
Return back the value you chose for your friend to your friend!

Final Step:
And finally I can try reading your mind, the remaining value you have is ........$!

If I have given you the number so just see the reply of mine in your comment!
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Mod @helena214 followed all above mentioned step and ask to my number in PM, so finally now she have remaining value of 10.5$
@Unluckybolte followed all above mentioned step and ask to my number in PM, so finally now he has, remaining value of 11.5$