Live streams on Windice (with familiar aroma)

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Hello windicers! I hope you all are very well! This time I'm going to tell you my opinion about the live broadcasts that are made here in Windice through the Twitch platform, and I like to comment and give my point of view, but from a constructive perspective, No offense to anyone because we are all here to help each other. Well, the games in the Pragmatic Play slots are all very good, many surprising with incredible bonuses and I have seen them many times and now with the live broadcasts that the moderator Peckatop does is surprised with the amount of bonuses that one can win in a slot of those, Although it is known that they do not always give good bonuses, but in the latter if I win well the moderator and I like that a lot because it motivates him to continue entertaining the Windice community.

I have very little that I joined Twitch and did it to see how the mod played slots hehe (although unfortunately I could not register as "Winbtc", there I am registered as "Winnena"); why "Win"? Because I like to earn and attract all the success into my life! and I was amazed at how friendly and sympathetic @Peckatop is; If you read me I want you to know that you are doing super well and more when you presented your daughter Sara, a daughter beauty you have, many blessings and I hope you continue the successes with Windice!

PS: I leave you a screenshot of this last stream that moderator Pecka made with his cute daughter Sara, i found it very tender when he called her towards the camera I wanted to capture that moment! 🥰