Let's be initiatives!


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Let's be initiatives!

Hello all, hope you have been familiar with me since these months as a thread poster here. My this threads is based on initiatives; remember this initiative is upon us, the users. I meant, it is productive for us and those of our friends who are unfamiliar with Windice. We can use affiliate program to bring our friends and earn and let them earn in this site!

Let me begin it with myself! I was not a windice user in the beginning of this site. My cousin refered it to me as he earned a little sum of money for himself! However, my cousin was refered by his colleagues too! And now I referred it to my friends!

The above cited chain is a process of bringing more users! How can it be initiative did you think of? It can be an initiative when you payout your cryptos from windice. Do you know why I joined it? Because my cousin had a payout in front of me, and I got attracted as everyone wants to earn in this modern era, if that is online so better!

I did not take long and fortunately got my first Payout without any investment of money 💰. I had no accounts that time, so I asked my friend to give his account details so that I can make the transaction. My friend was not a user of any site though. He saw me received a sum of money, which was not a low balance without doing anything to earn. So he asked! I briefed him about this site and then he started playing. Not only one, but my brother and some other friends did start, but they quit. There are still some of my friends functioning here as users.

The main points, do payout or withdrawal in front of your friends so that you can get affiliates. And sometimes we get highly professional players whose earnings benefits us too :) be your profit by yourself 🙂.