Learn then Deposit!


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Learn then Deposit!

Hello all, hopefully everyone is doing greater these days. I'm Unluckybolte, and my today's work is a little special for those newbies. Everytime, mods are speaking to their truest part that before you deposit and gamble, build a true trust of your gambling strategies in the site. Because when you are grown enough about the strategies of the site, you can play and perform better. That is all the beauty of the mods whose suggestions are always encouraging the users. Thanks for suggesting @helena214 @siopaw @anonnep and others.

Recently, when I was lurking in the chat, a newbie posted his deposit and said sadly that he busted his first deposit! While the level he was having was under 10. That means he/she did not focus on the play how his seeds work and directly deposited for winning high. Hopefully he will get his loss back soon. Here is the SS of that moment he shared 👇

However, the game is never worst, worst was his wrong selection and expectations. No one becomes perfect without learning about a gambling site. Windice has provided wincoins to play and learn, including getting a chance to win in daily contest that costs nothing to any of the users here.

It is suggested to all newbies, plz play while having fully focused towards the game and learn by playing the wincoins, then start playing your deposits. Have a nice day 💞💞☺️