Lament of a bird


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Lament of a bird


Once upon a time a bird was seen flying in the sky and lamenting. People of the village were lost in a deep thought of why was the bird always flying and lamenting what would it want. They headed towards the oldest man of the village: he was expert in these things since he understood the languages of animals. So, he decided to meet with the bird so as to know what it really wanted from them.

On the next day, the old man headed towards jungle. Upon his arrival there, he called out the bird loudly. Shockingly, the bird came near him and quoted, "Why are you calling me?"

"Why do you lament?" Asked the old man.

The bird pondered and replied, "I always lament in the hope that someone would listen to my sound and come for killing me."

When the old man heeded its words, the clouds of worrisome appeared on his head. He repeated the words in his head and quoted, "But being alive is far better than death", asked the old man, "Why?"

"Because I have no family for spending my time with. They have gone afar in the heaven of God. If today I do not have them around me, it is all because of you humans." Vociferated the bird.

"How? How are we responsible?" Inquired the old man.

"Yes, you all are responsible. There is no humanity in you people, as humanity comes from helping others but you people always try to destroy others. You humans are not together and are always against each other and the other creatures." Cried the bird.

He asked again, "What do you actually want to say? Will you elaborate everything clearly, please?"

"My family was martyred by some people when I was small. They were some people with guns who came here in jungle: they searched on every tree for finding a nest. They beheld the tree where we lived and fired on us. Due to firing, my parents flew up but they were hunted soon. Every night my parents come in my dream and ask me to come there. Therefore, every day I lament to get martyred from the 'inhumane' and 'so-called' best creature. You people, you better know, do not let us enjoy with our own families. If you have your world, we too have our own. If you have families, we also have: if you keep friends and homes, so as we. You work hard for earning money and we work hard for getting food. In fact, we bring the beauty of the nature but you people destroy it. We spend our time with helping other birds but you people spend your time for ruining other people. Before killing anyone, first think of their families whether or not they are the only food generator of their family. You have given killing of we birds as hunting profession. How come killing someone be a noble profession? Just because of this hunting, a hundred of thousands birds have met with their maker." The bird elaborated the entire state of the pity bird community with tears in its eyes.

The old man paid a very careful attention to everything the bird had told and was speechless by then. So many thoughts, afterwards, clicked on his mind. He learned so many things from a bird. He knew of the humans of the era; with no humanity they existed. After that he returned to his village and regretted for being a human.

When he told everything to the villagers, they all got dumbstruck. The very famous hunters of the village asked for forgiveness and ceased hunting afterwards. And they all made a very close relationship with other creatures afterwards as promising humanitarians.

All in all, each year billion of birds are hunted. In the fear not to be the victim of hunting, many a birds stop searching for food outside their made nest. Howbeit, compulsion takes them out and they hardly ever return back to their children. Islam says hunting is acceptable only if you have no food or resources to earn a living, but we have made it our passion and profession. But remember, killing a creature is never a passion, but killing.