Kindness: Thalassemia Day (May 8th)


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Thalassemia Day (May 8th)


You can find in the picture, Sir Irshad, running this non-profitable center for the patients of thalassemia across Balochistan. Pay salute to him and his tired-less service to humanity. He aids the poor family's Thalassemia warriors free of cost because he truly understands what his duties are as being a human being in a totally backward land!

Today on International Thalassemia Day, which is observed on May 8th, a celebration was held at the Kech Thalassemia Care Center in Turbat. Thalassemia warriors, along with their parents, were treated to cake-cutting and gift distribution. International Thalassemia Day is observed annually to raise awareness about the condition and to support those who are affected by it. The Kech Thalassemia Care Center, which is the largest thalassemia center in Balochistan, provides free specialized care and treatment for thalassemia patients. Currently, the center has 360 registered patients.

Hope his hard works pay him back with lots of prayers and blessings to him! Kindness does always mean love and care for others, nevertheless bringing the difference between people !!

We Love and Salute Sir Irshad 💕