Just Some Little Suggestions for Windice


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hello dear friends. have a beautiful day just like your hearts

these days i've been thinking about some suggestions that may help us. not much good but i'd like to share it:)

1-Emergency WC

have you ever been in a daily hunt but the next faucet is for 5 hours later?
for sure you can't wait even a minute cause dice hunt usually ends so fast.
so i think there must be an option to get WC when you are out of everything. how?
it can be in a faucet in exchange of EXP just like crypto faucet. or there can be a weekly offer in shop that you can get some WC for free. what do you think?

2- a Little Change in Plinko Hunts (in Telegram)

imagine that you have to hunt 26x or more in 16rows

what if someone hits more than 26x.
that would be great if there will be extra points for higher multipliers. like 2pts for 130x and 3pts for 1000x.

3-Bonus WC after reset


take a look at this picture👆

what if someone had 13000 WC? all of them will be lost after the contest.
that's a lot of coins to be wasted. what if those guys who reached nice amount of WC gets something like 100 or 200 WC for the next day or exchange those lost WC to some Exp.
I know it doesn't seem logical🤦‍♂️

4-Exp in Rains

Exp is good for everyone but do you agree that 3.2 Exp is not a lot?
for every crypto faucet you have to use 200exp . it means 60 exp rains equals a crypto faucet.
that would be great if the amount of Exp was a little more in rains
or there was an option that users could decide which one they can get from a WC/EXP rain

5-different color for high rollers

this one is not important at all

but what if someone shares a big bet (high rollers) and then the bet appears with different color . something shiny or golden . that might be cool
something like this:

hope it's useful sorry if I had grammar problem haha. have a great day🤗
Great ideas! Especially the one for the wincoin contest I like. In my eyes the time of reset makes it a bit unfair because its an advantage for some users and a disadvantage for others. In this way the people who have to sleep early maybe still can get some exp so that not all wincoins are lost. Maybe a conversion rate of 100 WC = 1 exp would be a good thing for all remaining balances at the reset. 13000 WC will then give 130 exp which at least is something :)
I like #5. I can only imagine someone hitting huge and it pops on the chat room with all those shiny effects. For sure that user will be bombarded with tags and pms. 😆 I hope the management will be able to read your post. Nice ideas! :)
For me i think #5 is also an amazing idea, imagine what will happen when ur name suddenly appears in the chat room with confettis and fireworks it looks really cool.❤️❤️