Journey to Windice?


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Journey to Windice ?


Hello all, hope you are doing well 😊 🤣 I guess there should be no introduction as you already know me haha 🤣 🤪🤪... Let me speak my purpose being this post through words. I just have a small query for everyone who comes and reads this post. I wanted to know about your journey from other casinos or from nowhere to Windice. Let's share it in order to let others know how you came to this wonderful place ❤️

How did you reach to this amazing site?

I will be sharing mine as a reply downward :) 👇 hopefully everyone participates in it :)
I was sitting at home and using my phone for social media purposes... My cousin (Badluckking) was just returned from another city and opened windice. I inquired then he introduced how fun and earning he is getting from this site. From that day, I am engaged to be a little more busy with this site than any social media. As it is getting me a good balance to buy, at least, my own educational materials :) grateful 🌹 to my cousin who brought me here and grateful to the Windice family :) love long guys !