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Do you know what the word irony means?

This word has a lot of power when pronouncing it, it is said that it is the opposite of what we want to express, Many times people usually use it either in a sarcastic or intentional tone directed at something or someone in particular.

Have I seen how in recent times people often use this word, ironically they speak to you and maybe you don't even notice it, but they believe? If I notice it, maybe it's a gift I have to detect when someone speaks to me ironically and what I do is think why they do it? What happens to them? After analyzing why they act like this? I remain silent, but there comes a time when my body acts and rejects it, rejects that irony and that person who approaches me with double intention; He moves away, he leaves my life because I have already noticed.

I don't know if it has ever happened to you, if it has happened to you, comment, share your experience, of course without saying any name since it says the sin but not the sinner. Excellent day windicers! ;)