International Youth Day


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International Youth Day


Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing great! I believe, there is a large number of youth in windice community and for them I'm just trying to spread awareness about a special day mainly derived for them. The day is celebrated each year on 11th of August internationally with the soul purpose to make everyone aware about the issues the youth faces! That issue can unavailability of jobs, injustice or genocide and even of lacking priority in any country.

It is said, "Changing or corrupting the youths' minds is the best way to vanish their existence as citizens!" This can probably mean, youth is the base of any nation. A country with suffering can be better of the youth is given concerns. A country can be powerful if the youth is given authority. A country can advance if the youth is put onward to bring creativity that not the old ones could do!

I actually read books more in regards of colonialism, because we are a nation suffering under a colonial power. What a colonial power does, they encourage outer culture within youths to kill the potential they have from their ancestors, that can be the killing of language, norms and values, clothes and more in the follow.

The day is organized for the purpose of securing youths from every germs that not only abolish them internally but bring that in affect ahead.

May the youth receive attention of their people, and government so that their handful ideas get implemented and work as a powerful weapon!