International Workers' Day!


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May 1 is International Workers' Day, a date that is remembered in honor of a group of workers known as the "Chicago Martyrs" that, in 1886, they were executed for demanding an 8-hour workday when they were required to work grueling 16-hour days, The only limit that existed was not to make a person work more than 18 hours without just cause and the consequence was a fine of $ 25.
Then, the majority union began a strike on May 1 of that year, in Chicago-USA, where there were clashes between the workers and the police, which were very hard and bloody. They went on strike for several days and on May 4 called a rally in Haymarket Square, with increasing tension, that same day an artifact exploded where a policeman died, arrested several and took to the gallows: three journalists, a typographer and a carpenter, that is why they are known as the "Martyrs of Chicago" and in honor of them and the struggle for the 8-hour workday, May 1 is commemorated as International Workers' Day.

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