International Women's Day

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International Women's Day is commemorated every March 8, but why is that day commemorated? Well, let me summarize what this day means to all women; according to sources, this day was born from the activities of the trade union movement in the early twentieth century in North America and Europe. The first national women's day was celebrated in the United States on February 28, 1909, when the textile workers' strike was called and women from the Socialist Party of that country; they also protested against working conditions in New York in 1908. Later, in the year 1917, Russian women decided to protest again in the struggle for bread and peace, that day was the last Sunday in February and fell on a March 8 in the Gregorian calendar. This led to the adoption of the female vote in Russia. Since then, International Women's Day has taken a new direction for women in developed and developing countries. Today, the international women's movement continues to grow and this makes its commemoration a unifying element, which means that this strengthens support for the rights of all women and their participation in all areas, whether political, social, cultural and economic. So, your woman you read to me is not alone, do not be afraid to raise your voice before the world and be free, all of us women need acceptance by society regarding gender equality. We are not the weaker sex, get that out of your head, we are fighters, warriors, we are the ones who create life, we are intelligent, beautiful and hardworking, we are fundamental in this world and, above all; we are human beings just like men since we all have the same rights. Men are also important to society, as they complement each other with women reciprocally.

PS: Guys do not bother because I defend the female gender, it is my duty since I am also a woman hehe and we need to be supported in gender equality. ;)
Now that the month of the woman is gone, I want to dedicate this acrostic that came to mind a few days ago:

Wonderful beauty
Magical woman
Amazing and
Necessary in this earthly world. 🥰
The celebration of this day worldwide places women at the center of the reflection of how much we have achieved and how much we still have to conquer for full social equality between men and women.
excellent post friend (y)🙂
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International Women's Day is certainly a celebration of a woman's victory over patriarchal life. And at the same time, having received equal rights with men, women were forced to take on equal responsibilities, which seems to me not the best idea. The work of a woman in a mine seems unnatural, at least because of the physiological features of the structure of the female body. Besides, women have become too masculine, which also seems unnatural. A woman is, first of all, beauty and care. It seems to me quite understandable the desire of young girls to study at, but I don't understand women who serve in the army and do manual labor. I don't think that's what the first feminists wanted.
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Women must be feminine but without ceasing to be free, because women and men are equal and although it seems strange that a woman does heavy work just like men, it does not mean that she stops being a woman.