Indigenous Resistance Day!

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The day of indigenous resistance, is commemorated every October 12 in several countries of America, here in Venezuela it is called Day of Indigenous Resistance, which was given since 1492, Our indigenous peoples fought for the defense of their culture and against Spanish colonization where the Genoese navigator Cristóbal Colón stepped on American soil; the day the bloodshed of our aboriginal peoples of America began and were victims of the Spanish colonizers They were named for the miscegenation that existed between two different cultures such as the white of the Spaniards and the indigenous of the Americans. From there they began the union between Europe and America in other countries of America they are commemorated with another name and even in Spain they also commemorate it, but we all remember the great struggle of our aboriginal ancestors, I feel very proud to have been born in the American continent a noble but warrior continent to defend what is ours to give his life for this land. Let's say no to violence and yes to peace, we are all brothers and deserve a better world, let's learn from our ancestors and do the right thing. 🌎 🕊️ 🌍
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