Implement Train game in every chat!


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Implement Train game in every chat!
Hello all, hope you are doing well with your gambling and I hope you all live in greeneries. I'm here to introduce something new, though old in English chatroom. As our two greatest mods (Mowmow and Helena214) run this game honestly and regularly, but it would be a new initiative for rest of the chatrooms. It is a chat game or a train game for users entertainment and help. What is chat game? You may get some ideas regarding this in the link attached below this line:

Thread 'Train game in Chatroom'

This game is totally attractive for the users and a great source to entertain the users. Users coming in the windice want two things most in common. 1) a winning moment and 2) a fully enjoying moment. This train game provides both. Enjoyment is when you get something in rewards like 5 doges and the winning is all possible with these 5 doges. I got to make 226 doges while I was having 0.63333333 doges. So think, how will it be, if the users get 5 doges? It will, forsooth, encourage the users...!

hope this initiative step is well and be effective :) 💕💕