Idea of new contest


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As you are all aware that Windice is enriched with numerous contests nowadays.

As everyone is acknowledge, we do compete in the team vs team every Friday here.

Each day it continues till three rounds on each Friday and takes the average of 2 hours to end!

The players receive a lot of TRX as a prize: the more points the players will have, the more surprising their rewards become.

I would recommend running the competition as a monthly TvT contest.

Every Friday, we observe that there are many participants. If it becomes more intriguing, like a monthly contest.

Windice will get more interesting for the users, and most of them will have a team vs team addiction, for sure.

If one gets more points in 1st week, he or she will be considered as on top until another user will not gain more points in the 2nd week or in the rest of the week!

For the monthly team vs team competition, there ought to be top three winners.

There should just be top 3, prizepool of some trx for the person who accumulates the most points by the fourth weekend of the month.
It was Royal Rumble today in tvt, as we know in wrestling every player make fall down other player then win, so today tvt it was 6 team to kill other 5 team