Human Dual Natures


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Humans are always profit-loving creatures. They grow attachment to things and people they can benefit from or simply to those who cherish them. They admire how they get benefits without any investment or efforts. However, they distance themselves from everything that they don't feel to be advantageous.

Ever since I am using Windice, I have observed similar behaviours in fellow users. They have the ultimate greed to gain from the platform without investments. No one appreciates how much they win or withdraw through playing daily but once they lose what they put in or what they got from here for free, they come up with complaints. This is the dual human natures of not appreciating things they get for free or less efforts but once they lose their investments they are ready to blame. I have personal experiences, whenever I have invested in this platform I have come up with a good amount or sometimes lost a lot what I put in, however, I never complained about it.

Moreover, I believe this nature of human is what leads them backward because it is nature's rule that you don't show gratitude towards things you get, nature snatches it from you because nature does not value people who are ungrateful or unsatisfied. Humans, however, are never content with what they have and always ask for more without knowing that greed for more is not good.

Hence, I am satisfied and happy with whatever I gain from windice as using my spare time to earn from this platform has helped me in several ways. I hope to use it in the future too to gain benefits and stay content like I am now.
I was, might be in past, one of the characters! But now since long, I'm positive :p