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Hello friends. wishing you all health and happiness . in this Thread I'm gonna talk about how we can earn cryptocurrency in windice.

I know most of you guys know about that but this might be helpful for those who are new to windice . let's go

1. WinCoin Daily Contest

one the most popular Contests in
you need to collect WinCoins in a 24-hour period (start every day at 04:30 GMT+03:30 and will end the next day at 04:30 GMT+03:30)

after opening WinDice just click here
Screenshot (626)_LI.jpg

now you can see top users with highest amount of WC

for example in February 11th ,1st user has 50000 WinCoins. if this user stay in the 1st place till the end of contest, the user will be rewarded with 240
I know 50000 is a lot but it's not impossible And users do not always reach 50000 WCs everyday. so don't lose your hope 😉

The prize pool for top 10 user with the most WC:

1 place - 240
2 place - 120
3 place - 60
4 place - 48
5 place - 42
6 place - 30
7 place - 24
8 place - 18
9 place - 12
10 place - 6

Note: the WC balance will be reset at the end of the contest

the only thing that you have to do is collecting wincoins more and more.
if you wanna know more about WinCoin and how to get it just read my friend Chibby's Thread
2. daily and weekly wager contest

what is wager?
an amount of money that you risk in the hope of winning more
so if your bet amount was 0.00001 BTC ,your wager will be +0.00001 BTC after a bet or roll. it doesn't matter what multiplier you got.

these contests are at the Top of the page next to wincoin daily contest

and the prize for daily wager is:

Note: All bets in all supported currencies will be normalise to bitcoin

1 place - 0.00150 + 0.100 of wager(0.015 limit)
2 place - 0.00050 + 0.080 of wager(0.010 limit)
3 place - 0.00025 + 0.050 of wager(0.010 limit)
4 place - 0.00015 + 0.025 of wager(0.005 limit)
5 place - 0.00010 + 0.020 of wager(0.003 limit)
6 place - 0.018% of wager(0.00250 limit)
7 place - 0.016% of wager(0.00200 limit)
8 place - 0.014% of wager(0.00150 limit)
9 place - 0.012% of wager(0.00100 limit)
10 place - 0.01% of wager(0.00075 limit)

and the prize for weekly wager is:

1 place - 0.0100 + 0.100 of wager(0.05 limit)
2 place - 0.0050 + 0.080 of wager(0.04 limit)
3 place - 0.0025 + 0.050 of wager(0.03 limit)
4 place - 0.0015 + 0.025 of wager(0.02 limit)
5 place - 0.0010 + 0.020 of wager(0.01 limit)
6 place - 0.018% of wager(0.009 limit)
7 place - 0.016% of wager(0.008 limit)
8 place - 0.014% of wager(0.007 limit)
9 place - 0.012% of wager(0.006 limit)
10 place - 0.01% of wager(0.005 limit)

3. Rains

this is how a rain looks like in the chat
Screenshot (631).png

there will be rain every 5 or 10 minutes by windice itself
but some times it could be wincoin and exp rain
and users can also make rains if they want.

how to increase the chance of getting it? just stay active in chat and chat constructively. that's it.

4. trivia

this one is the most entertaining part. a mod or one of users can make a question this will appear like this in chat
Screenshot (639).png

whenever u see the question just try to answer it. if your answer is correct you'll be rewarded

5. X Giveaway

every week there is a Giveaway in X by and it starts every Monday
first follow in x

then check the posts. visit the last giveaway post and do the tasks.

that's all. so easy

6. Telegram hunts

one of the best ways to win something is Telegram Hunts.
there will be 4 hunts in a week.

1. Mondays (Dice hunt)
2. Tuesdays (Crash or Dice hunt) only WC
3. Wednesdays (Plinko hunt)
4. Saturdays (Crash hunt)

all these hunts start on 3:00PM UTC (GMT+8) and the hunts are 2 hours long exept for WC hunt (1 hour)

how to participate?

join Windice channel and Windice group

there will be always an announcement few hours before hunt so don't worry.

one of the old Crash hunts was like this

whenever you saw start in the chat you can hunt this multiplier.
and remember you have to play with Cryptocurrencies.
and there is always a minimum amount for each coins like this

0.01436400 USDT
0.00000030 BTC
0.00000579 ETH
0.11450382 TRX
0.00020367 LTC
0.17964072 Doge
0.00005271 BCH
0.02775207 XRP
0.00004542 BNB

you can check it better in telegram

Note: minimum bet is not same in every hunts

whenever you got a win just go to your bets in and take a screen shot . then send it to windice chat

the top 3 winners with most hits will be rewarded

7. Forum contests

I guess this is the best and most popular challenge in the Windice

so every week there is weekly forum challenge for windice family. there can be some other events besides weekly challenge like mod synyster trivia challenge. you can check here if you want to know about that

how to participate?
first check forum

then go to events section

now you can see the challenges

what is top posters?

every month windice team decide to choose top 3 users for making the best and high quality threads in windice forum . you can use your creativity to win that.

and the prize for top 3 users is

1 - 0.0025
2 - 0.0015
3 - 0.0010

more info here

let's get back to weekly forum challenge

so after visiting weekly challenge thread you can see the conditions
these are the Requirements
  • Changing of seed is allowed.
  • Bets don't need to be consecutive but has to be in order.
  • Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. (Old bets don't count).
  • 1 valid entry per person.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed.
  • Bet must be submitted on the REAL TIME when the bet is made, NO holding / hiding bets is allowed. POST IMMEDIATELY ONCE YOU HIT.
  • You need to get 5 or more forum posts.
  • link your Bet IDs using our bet link function in the text editor. Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below.

you can see what you must do in the post

for example this week's challenge is about valentines day

the task is to completing one of these options. and after you did all the requirements you have to post those winning bets under the challenge post. you need to use bet function. you can see how to post your bets in every weekly challenge posts.

after the challenge is over an amount of 0.0052 will be divided between winners.
Note: there is a minimum bet for the challenges just like telegram hunts. except for slot challenges

8. Pecka streams
who is pecka? pecka is windice streamer and cool mod and he plays slot in his streams
sometimes you can see announcement in chat that shows pecka is streaming.
go and pay a visit to the stream. after stream started there will be a giveaway in forum (streaming section) that you have to write your username

and a (50% of the profit from 20USDT bonus buy) giveaway in discord .these 2 giveaways will be done at the end of the stream
and there are some mini giveaways every few minutes in the stream. if you win one of them you can not join the next three mini giveaways.

9. Dice Roll hunts in chat
mods make roll hunt challenges in the chat with good prize . it can be anytime

for example one of them is like this:
First user to post and tag me the winning result of 1234 in EXACT order using 2x payout or higher wins 5trx+800wc. Note: Only 1 winner

after you see this in chat just go and spam that roll button in dice. if you get that number you just need to share your bet and tag the mod that made the roll hunt.

10. Rakeback & Cashback

Rakeback will be open after lvl21 and Cashback is available after lvl31

if you want to know more about that just check Unluckybolte's post about it

tips and playing the original games are also the ways to earn cryptocurrency.

hope it is helpful and sorry it is too long or I had grammar problem 🤦‍♂️
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