Happy Mother's Day! 14th of May!


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A small piece attributed to Mothers!

You are amazing!

The dark houses,
Untaught maturity,
Slavery all-around,
Till the mother enters!
Whose tomb bears a child,
Who lightens the house,
Who brings the maturity,
And whose eyes look everyone equally,
You Are just amazing!

Dear moms, you are the hidden superheroes, who in every trouble find a solution! Sleep with empty bellies but full their kids ones! Bear every issue seriously and comes out with a fruitful end.
You are just amazing!

Dear moms, you start teaching your child, when they learn to speak, you start suggesting them the way, when they start walking, you start making them know to the world, when they start meeting with people!
You are just amazing!

Dear moms, I would like to narrate a great author, "Every house is dark until the mother wakes up!" You are the light of every darkness, you are the lamp of everyone's life and you are the sources of comfortable lives within a house.
You are just amazing!

Dear moms, sad the world becomes, sad we become, sad everything becomes, in all sadness, the smile comes just when you hug and say, "Don't worry my child, I'm here nah!" That is just the everlasting feeling and consolation to everyone!
You are just amazing!

Dear moms, may the god prevent every bad happening, may you see the most happiest moments of the life, may you see your child smiling, laughing and peacefully living, because we know, that is what the only source that can bring priceless smiles on your sweet faces!
You are just amazing!

Dear moms, we have not just this day to respect you, we have not just this day to show our love, we have not just this day to speak to the world how important and beautiful you are! This is just to show, full attributes to your all sacrifices for just the only purpose, to let your children live the best life!
You are just amazing!

Happy Mother's day ❤️
I Love you, the most, Mother 💕