Happiness 😊


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Happiness 😊

What is happiness? How do people imagine happiness ☺️? Have you ever been happy in your life?

An English Dictionary defined the word Happiness as "The emotion of being happy; joy." The emotions come from where? Have you wondered? Hahaha you might be confused why so many questions are brought! Do you know why? Haha another came here! Okay, be cool and think, these questions may have not brought good feeling to you, so it turns opposite to happiness 😊! Reading these questions may have not raised your happy moments, now such activities, where you find out everlasting happiness, those are called sources of real happiness. Such happiness is always needed, because of the absence of it, we meet, so many sad faces on daily basis.

I did always favor a quote, "Happiness is a choice, choose it everyday." Allusion. It depends upon us, how do we choose to find the happiness for us! Happiness is what we do. Happiness is what we feel, happiness is how much importance we have in other's life, happiness is gaining others happy and the most, happiness is being happy without any reason. The last Statement, I put on with the word most because it means our happy faces become the sources of a thousand of face's smiles!

How do you understand the happiness?