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The night of October 31, the day celebrated in various parts of the world Halloween, is approaching, but have you ever wondered why it is celebrated? Do you know the origin and meaning of this?
Well, let me tell you in a summary the origin of this holiday.

Halloween dates back more than 3,000 years according to the University of Oxford, when the Celtic peoples of Europe celebrated their new year called Samhain, a pagan holiday before the conversion of Christianity, which marked the end of summer, the harvest of the crops and the beginning of the Celtic New Year.

Now, why do costumes predominate? :unsure:

This also dates back to Celtic times, it is believed that the use of costumes and masks was due to the need to scare away evil spirits, The goal was precisely to adopt the appearance of an evil spirit to avoid being harmed.

Why is trick or treat said on Halloween? :unsure:

Surely many of us sound that image of children knocking on the door in disguise saying: "Trick or treat" If you choose treat, you simply have to give them candy and everything is solved. But beware, if you choose a trick, Get ready because they will make you a little mischief But, where does this trick or treat come from? As you might have guessed, it also dates back to Celtic times. The Celts believed that on Halloween night all entities from all spiritual realms could roam the earth at ease.

One of those entities was the dreaded jack-o'-lantern a spirit that visited villages and towns and gave a choice between trick or treat. Obviously it was better for people to make a deal with him, otherwise he would use his powers to curse the house and to all who dwelt in it, these curses could cause the family to get sick, the cattle to die, or even the house to catch fire.

Another characteristic thing of Halloween is the pumpkin, why is a pumpkin used that day? :unsure:

The ancient Celts sought methods of protection against evil spirits especially against the spirit of jack-o'-lantern, It occurred to them to use pumpkins, giving them horrendous shapes and placing them on the doors of their houses in order to scare that evil being and prevent him from knocking on their doors.

Is this story impressive, do you think it would be appropriate to celebrate it? :oops:

In my opinion, I respect the beliefs of each person, but I would not celebrate such a dark day at all, I prefer to continue playing dice here in Windice! 🤭🍀🎲