Good or bad greed?

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Greed is known as the love of money and could be considered as one of the seven deadly sins. In many cultures, people believe that greed is bad so it should be avoided. But the truth is that there is also an intellectual current that says it is good for the economy. Although, international studies of applied research, suggest that greed is not good after all. Many psychologists define it as love for money, but refer to cultivating love for money just for having it. Giving an example from my perspective; I have seen that the greedy in trading, tended to buy high and sell low, to have very short-term investment times and more hyperactivity, in order to invest in everything. In an opposite scenario, those who are not so attached to money prefer to have a long-term strategy where to invest it for the distant future. thus guaranteeing its economic stability. What irony, isn't it? So I think the answer to the question in this post is clear, the more emotional attachment you have to money, the more likely you will be to make mistakes about it since greed has all those prejudices.

PS: money comes and goes, use it with awareness and responsibility. Don't get attached! 😉
Have greed of knowledge and the rest will follow. This will just help you to keep learning and keep growing and then money becomes the byproduct for you. If we become greedy behind money, then we will always be behind it and not ahead of money. Also, greed will only results in downside of a human being just like we keep betting for more and in the end lose if we do not control ourself.
It is very true what you say, it is better to have greed for knowledge, we must always enrich ourselves with wisdom! (y)